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Em Livett

Since she was a young girl, Em Livett has been telling stories about dragons and far away places. In a simple town in Alabama where she never quite fit in, she found her place among books. Needing an escape from her drab, lifeless town, she decided to create her own immersive world filled with feyries, daemons, and other mythical creatures.

When she isn’t sucked into a fantasy dimension of her own making, she’s wrangling something much more real and terrifying— her two children.

Em’s main goal in her writing is to create a world so that others like her can escape from their problems. Nothing is more important than finding your place in the world. And sometimes that’s through a fictional character’s eyes.

Secrets. Lies. Love.


Young Rhen has had to rely on herself and no one else for years in order to survive. She's content to nurse her dying mother in their barren cottage for the rest of her life. But when she is kidnapped to be sold into slavery she suddenly finds herself in the Feyrie realm filled with magickal, dangerous creatures.

Prince Baz of the Dullihan Fae will do anything for his kingdom and for the throne. Including fighting his wild and irrational twin brother for the young human's heart, which unbeknownst to her is prophesied to be the key to the future of the fey kingdom. Will he gain enough power to earn her love, or will the secrets and lies lead him to his demise? Flesh & Fangs eBook : Livett, Em, Flick, Misti: Books

Flesh & Fangs by Em Livett, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

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