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His Victim's torment

Nicole Keefer is a writer whose military experience and educational background in criminology and forensic psychology provide her with the vast inspiration and insight she needs to create riveting characters. Writing a novel was always on her bucket list, and eventually, with MY SAVIOR, it became a reality. When not reading or writing, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family. Nicole lives in Michigan with her husband and daughters. HIS VICTIM’S TOMRENT is book one of her first serial killer duology.

His Victim's Torment

After twenty years, devastation has come back to DC in the form of serial killer Jimmy Yates. Throughout his reign of terror, only one person has ever been able to elude his clutches. Mary Anderson is the girl that survived. Now Mary is all grown up, Yates has returned, and is determined to rectify his mistake.Only one person now stands between Jimmy Yates and his revenge. FBI Special Agent Devon Walker is hell-bent on keeping Mary alive while the rest of his team tracks down and apprehends the elusive serial killer. At the same time, Yates will do anything to get his chance at Mary, and after years of planning his revenge, Yates is sadistic in the creativity of the torture methods he plans to deliver to his victim.Every day that passes, Mary fights against her growing feelings towards Agent Walker, knowing that any moment could be her last. Agent Walker, after spending weeks protecting Mary, came to the shatter realization that he'd make himself a target before he allowed Yates to get his hand on Mary. Now, the FBI must race against the clock knowing they don't have much time before Yates finds a window and succeeds in finishing what he started many years ago.​ His Victim's Torment: 9781959881049: Keefer, Nicole, Gretz, Glysia, Booklytical Designs: Books

His Victim's Torment by Nicole Keefer, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (


His Apprentice's Revenge

It's been fourteen months since Mary narrowly escaped from Jimmy Yates for the second time, and is finally happy starting her new life with Devon Walker. But their happiness is short lived when it seems Jimmy Yates has risen from the grave and Mary is the target of violent attacks again.


Unbeknownst to Devon and Mary, Jimmy Yates had been training an apprentice for years. His hatred for Mary, the one who got away, transferred to his star pupil. Devon's partner, Matthews takes on the case to protect his closest friends from the newest threat targeting Mary in the ultimate act of revenge. Will he crack the case and save the day, or will Mary finally fall victim to the wicked Jimmy Yates and his scornful apprentice.

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