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Are you an aspiring author, looking to be able to work, with a publishing house? Look no further because submissions are open!



Every Publishing house has its own set of requirements. Below are ours.

To be considered, please provide the following information, and be sure your manuscript meets the following requirements.

  • Provide your name

  • Book Title

  • Genre and Subgenre

  • Trigger warnings

  • Is this a completed manuscript or not

  • Is it part of a series (if so how many books do you have planned)

  • A summary of your manuscript (up to 250 words, double spaced)

  • Current word count of your manuscript (both completed or in progress)

  • Your actual manuscript in either a docX or GoogledocX with the below required formatting:

    • Margins must be 1"​

    • Size 11 serif fonts only (Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Veranda, etc.)

    • Double spaced with justified alignment.

With your submission, in the body of the email, provide a brief reason as to why you should be selected as an author. All submissions with the above requirements should be sent to

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