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Please check out the below listings for our current openings.

*Please note, these are not full-time openings and are 1099 positions. 



We are currently looking to add editors to our roster. If you are interested please see the below requirements. Please note, that each applicant will be asked to take an editorial test
  • Please provide your editing experience (i.e. degree, certificates, years of editing, etc.)

  • Portfolio of books (currently published) that you have previously worked on. If you don't have a portfolio, that is ok. Just state that you do not have one.

  • Provide genres you excel at and genres that you don't work with.

    • Along with the genres, provide if you have any triggering content that you stay away from. ​

  • What type of editing do you provide and are there any you stay away from (structural, developmental, line, proofing, etc.)

  • What is your average editing speed (approximately how many pages/words a day do you edit)?

  • What manual do you base your edits on (Chicago, APA, MLA, IEEE, etc.)?

Please send all required information, and portfolio to All applications, and completed editorial tests, will be reviewed by the chief editor.

Cover designer

Are you a digital artist looking to get into book cover design? Look no further because we are hiring! Please see requirements below.
  • Have you ever designed covers before? If so, please provide a portfolio of covers you have worked on. (if you have never designed book covers specifically, please provide a digital art portfolio)

  • What program do you use for your cover designs?

  • Have you completed any market research regarding cover design? (what fonts, imagery, and styles work for each genre)

  • Do you provide both print (hardback including dust jackets, and paperbacks), and ebook cover formats?

  • ​What are your rates for cover design (Please include rates for all formats)​

  • What is your average turn around time for the cover once the concept is submitted?

    • Please note that a cover may need multiple reworks until it is ready for publication.

  • What information do you require from the author to design the cover?

Please send all required information, and portfolio to All applications will be thoroughly reviewed, and you will be notified once a decision has been made. 
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