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K. Marie Smith

K. Marie Smith has always been a reader; always in love with other worlds and cultures outside of her own. No surprises there, with parents who lived in the age of D&D, Lord of the Rings and Marvelcomics. They were always encouraging her to find magic in the world. So, when life got difficult and dark, books were no longer the best places to hide. K. Marie turned to creating her own worlds and expressed everything she had experienced.


When K. Marie isn't glued to her computer, she has too many hobbies to pick from— Reading the last dark fantasy, crocheting gifts for friends, painting more roses or scrolling through Amazon. However, nothing means more to K. Marie than her family; three beautiful kids that make her question her sanity and her loving husband, who loves to roast her. All of whom made her realize that life is beyond worth living and are her everyday inspiration.

My name is Zera Grey, and I am a former slave who freed herself from the Trades by signing my life to the Black Shadows Guild. It wasn't an easy life but it was way better than captivity and abuse, especially when you consider who my Master was...

All that was left was to pay off my dues. Then I could run off to somewhere new and be free from everything. My life would be wholly mine and comfortable. 

After four years of living with the Black Shadows, learning to fight and use Magic, I'd been requested for a job that'd earn me my quiet life. But the job was risky, life-threatening, and involved the Imperial Royal Family.

Usually, I tried to keep my head down and off their radar but this was just too good to pass up.


Now, I'm dealing with the youngest son of the Imperial Family, dancing with creepy Fae Kings, and facing my past all in one go. Maybe the money wasn't worth it...

Touch: Smith, K Marie, Haase, Nikki, Nance, Nicole: 9781959881063: Books

Touch by K. Marie Smith, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

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Eight months ago, I took on my abuser, and I won. I also fell in love with the most amazing man. Two months later, I left Aurora to find out about my parents, and whatever power was hidden within me, nagging me to find out more. To do that, I had to find the woman who sold me off into slavery, my foster mother who left me with more questions than answers. And, to top it off, when Theirry and I do reunite, he informs me things are not well and everything is about to change. Now I have a rabbit hole to dive down to get to the bottom of the chaos and save both Aurora and the FeyWilds. However, neither of us expected our friends, the Dark Elf, Ashwind Stormfront, to show back up or for him to have the hold on me as he does, throwing a wrench into mty already rock relationship.

Just another day with Fae prophecies, pissed-off Elven Princesses, and stubborn men, right?

Sight: Smith, K Marie: 9781959881193: Books

Sight by K. Marie Smith | eBook | Barnes & Noble® (

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