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Cataclysm. Fury. Fate.

In the second installment of The Divine Articles, Rhen finds herself surrounded by friends and family—everyone important to her, except her mother. She has pushed herself both physically and emotionally in the last month with extensive training with the Wilde Hunt in order to rescue her mom from the Driech’s nasty claws. However, with no leads on her location, her hope begins to dwindle.

But when Baz finally shows his hands again, she is forced to confront all of her past demons, realizing that he has been completely consumed by the darkness that resides within him.

As Rhen grapples with Baz's threat and her conflicting feelings for Elm, she must balance her desire with that of everyone around her. She realizes the choices she makes will affect not only her new friends, but the entire world, and that her own happiness may be a luxury she can't afford.

Will Rhen be able to save her mother and put an end to the chaos that threatens everything she holds dear?

Chaos & Crowns (Book 2 of the Divine Articles Series)

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