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Reji EX


Reji EX

Reji Ex is from a small town in Pennsylvania. She is the mother of one and a semi-loving wife to her lifelong partner in crime, Jacob. She is also a mom to two orphaned kittens and a terrible dog. She attempted a degree in Secondary English Education but finally graduated college with an associate's degree in Veterinary Medicine, which isn’t even being used. 

Reji has been writing since she was in middle school as a method to cope with anxiety and depression. Her love for space started around the same time when her science mentor bought her a model rocket. She has taught 4H kids the basics of model rocketry. Her other hobbies include acting, singing, and art.


Broken Kingdom of Orion. Blurb:

For years, alien children have arrived at the gates of Area 51. They come seeking refuge from the threats of intragalactic war and the pirates ravaging the galaxy. 
Finally, their planets are safe enough for them to return home. But the war is not over like they were told.

Elenora has lived her entire life in Area 51, craving the answer to one question.

What planet did I come from? 

No one looks like her, and no one has the answers she seeks. 
As her friends return to their home planets, it looks like Elenora will face existence on Earth alone. That is until Captain Aries finds her, giving her news that will change her life. Information in hand, Elenora boards Battleship Juniper and joins its ragtag crew on a mission to save the galaxy. 

The Broken Kingdom of Orion: Ex, Reji, Santiago, Sage, Miblart: 9781959881124: Books

The Broken Kingdom of Orion by Reji Ex | eBook | Barnes & Noble® (

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